Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino is a Casino and horse racetrack in Miami

The facility is located in an ideal location between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, very close to the Atlantic. Here tourists and fans from different countries can have a great time, taking their leisure in a variety of activities.

Gulfstream Park – a real Paradise for those who love an adrenaline rush through gambling, neu casino and betting. The complex is a luxurious club and casino, designed in accordance with all the requirements of modernity. The area installed over 850 of the best slot machines and 20 poker areas.

Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino in Hallandale provides visitors with incredible slot game and one of the best poker room in all of Florida. It is not without restaurants: on-site casino Gulfstream Park in Miami are many similar places with different cuisine. In addition to gaming entertainment is a lot of other fun ways to spend a weekend.

Performance in casino

All sorts of events and activities at the Gulfstream Park Horse Racing are not uncommon. Every week here on the good old time at some festival or concert. Nightlife in this region is still brighter than the day! Constantly themed dances, live music, come well-known DJs and the best country and rock-n-roll group.

Very often gambling den Gulfstream Park becomes a place for the organisation of performances by the most famous stars.


At Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino in Miami located more than 17 cozy cafes and luxury bars restaurants and the best fashion boutiques and hypermarkets, charming art galleries.

To Gulfstream Park from the airport access is very easy, so not to visit him, arriving in Miami – a huge loss!


Casino Gulfstream Park Facilityand are real professionals. This allows for unsurpassed service in all areas. You will get real pleasure from the interaction with the dealer and other staff that make the vacation even more joyful and interesting.

Infrastructure casinos available for all there is a huge number of places for free Parking and for persons with disabilities, the hotel has special places and areas.

Family restaurants

At Gulfstream Park and horse racing there are two restaurants, which are located on the second floor. It serves adult and children’s menu and wide views of the racing track. Also on-site restaurants and a casino just installed 60 screensthat allows to follow the events on the track. For every race you can always submit a bet at the box office!

Horse race in the Gulfstream Park Horse Racing

On Saturdays from 12:30 start horse race! To observe them it is possible not only from the stands, but also of the bars. Not necessarily put a large amount, for the sake of excitement, you can donate 5-10 dollars.

Meanwhile, in the Gulfstream Park casino are poker tournaments, which also can be supplied. And on-site casino possible booking for the holiday.